Sigma Software Lab invests in GeekPay, a digital currency payment tracking platform

Sigma Software Labs, a business incubator of Swedish-Ukrainian IT company Sigma Software, announced its recent investment in a solution for de-risking and tracking payments in digital currencies called GeekPay.

Veronica Korzh, CEO and Co-founder of GeekPay
Photo: Sigma Software Labs
  • GeekPay was launched in June 2022 by Veronica Korzh, CEO, and Vova Lando, CTO. The startup is developing a payment platform, the main task of which is to simplify the process of cryptocurrency payments, minimize the risks of losing funds, and provide a transparent transaction reporting system.

With the growth of the digital currency space, many companies are looking to transition to web 3.0 technologies and integrate blockchain into their business processes. However, this can be a complex and daunting task for many web 2.0 companies that are not familiar with the technology. GeekPay aims to simplify this transition by its user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for businesses to start using digital currencies and blockchain without having to invest significant resources into research and development,

Veronica Korzh says.
  • Currently, five companies are already using the platform and over 40 more companies are in the pipeline.
  • As Veronika Korzh notes, the product is being developed in cooperation with Sigma Software — the company’s specialists help the startup with DevOps and UI/UX, as well as in the areas of financial and business consulting. Legal support was taken over by the Ukrainian startup Legal Nodes.
  • With the fresh investment, the team hopes to continue expanding its user base and enhancing the platform’s functionality. In addition to gaining traction, the team focuses on closing their pre-seed investment round. They are looking to attract both web 2.0 and web 3.0 investors to help propel the platform’s growth and development.
  • GeekPay is looking to attract a COO — a person who will deal with sales and marketing, together with the customer’s success. You can apply under [email protected].