Carpathian Startup Fest 2023 announces open-calls for startups. The total prize is €21k

Carpathian Startup Fest 2023 has started receiving submissions to participate in its competition. The total prize pool dedicated to young companies and business ideas is €21,000 (PLN 100,000). The festival will take place on June 15-16, MamStartup informs.

  • Starting in 2021, this is the third edition of the festival. The event is held in Rzeszów, and it promotes entrepreneurship and technology, connecting startups, investors, corporate partners, media, and founders. The CSF23 agenda will include two days of speeches, lectures, panel discussions, and a demo day, where the startups will be able to pitch themselves and win prizes.
  • The competition will be split into three categories:
    • idea challenge — for people with interesting ideas for a startup, who would like to get support for them at a very early stage;
    • startup – for projects that are in the incubation phase, creating an MVP (minimum product version) or first sale.
    • scale up – for projects submitted by enterprises selling products or services, whose project revenues exceed €42,000 (PLN 200,000).
  • The startups will be able to put up their applications until April 30. CSF23 will announce the results by May 12. Next, selected startups will be invited to the final to pitch their ideas to investors. The festival will allow 6 ideas, 8 startups, and 6 scale-ups to participate in this stage.
  • The highest prizes are in the category for startups. The startup can receive €8,400 (PLN 40,000) for the first place, €4,200 (PLN 20,000) for the second, and €2,1000 (PLN 10,000) for the third. In the other two categories, the amount of the prizes to about €1,500 (PLN 7,000), €1,000 (PLN 5,000), and €630 (PLN 3,000) respectively.

To participate in the event, founders can fill in the application forms, here.