and Antler invite to Founder Wannabes, a meetup for startup founders in Warsaw

Polish investment company has announced the new meeting under its Founder Wannabes initiative, which is aimed to help potential founders with idea generation/validation and searching with potential co-founders as well. This time, a global early-stage investor, Antler is invited as a special guest.

  • Founder Wannabes initiative connects a series of monthly f2f meetings that are held in Warsaw by During those events, 50 selected participants — young entrepreneurs — discuss their ideas, market trends with each other and VCs, ask questions, and find out more about startup financing and venture building, as well as have an opportunity to meet potential co-founders.
  • The next meetup will take place on March 13 in Warsaw.
  • The special guest of the upcoming event will be a global day-zero investor Antler. Its representatives will share best practices on validating business ideas learned through seeing hundreds of teams that they have backed or talked to over the years.
  • There are no conditions to apply other than a strong interest in launching a startup.

In order to apply for participation, fill in the form by March 1, midnight.