Ukrainian PR Army creates a tool to check speakers for Russian narratives

Ukrainian PR Army has launched the Speaker Check tool. It allows checking international thought leaders, politicians, bloggers, and experts for Russian narratives, Head of PR at MacPaw Julia Petryk, who is the Founder and Board Member of PR Army, announced on LinkedIn.

“The speaker check tool allows journalists to check if international thought leaders, politicians, bloggers, and experts have been spotted in manipulating facts, spreading disinformation, or crafting incorrect or harmful messages,”

Julia explains.
Speaker Check tool
The Speaker Check tool by PR Army
Screenshot: AIN.Capital

How does it work?

To make sure that the expert is reliable for commenting on the situation in Ukraine or the course of the Russo-Ukrainian war, you can fill out the form. Then the PR Army specialists will investigate your speaker and verify their relevance.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Information scan

PR Army monitors international media daily for the implementation of the narratives, which appear to be Russian propaganda. 

  1. Investigation on expert

It researches the speaker’s origin, background, work, and career development, looking closely into their articles, public comments, and social media for the period of war — from 2014 to 2022 until the present day.

This stage also includes the check of unreliable speakers on ties with Russia, Russia-affiliated organizations or people, and businesses in Russia.

  1. Verification

PR Army shares the investigation with its partners that use additional tools, a broad database, and AI to pass a final verdict on whether a speaker is unreliable in commenting on the Russo-Ukrainian war and is supported directly or indirectly by Russia.

About PR Army

It is an independent non-profit organization of Ukrainian communication experts that was created in the first days of the full-scale war Russia launched. PR Army indicates its goal as “to share the truth about the Russian war against Ukraine with the global community and to build a proven image of Ukraine as a democratic and independent European country.”