Digital Media Solutions acquires Max Polyakov’s ClickDealer along with HomeQuote for $45M

Marketing platform Digital Media Solutions, headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, has acquired Max Polyakov’s performance marketing company, ClickDealer, which also includes the HomeQuote marketplace, with an office in Kyiv. The deal’s amount is $45 million. The news became public when Digital Media Solutions announced it on March 6 before the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

  • ClickDealer was founded by Max Polyakov, Tetiana Serediuk, and Dmytro Atamaniuk. Max Polyakov is also well-known as the founder of Firefly Aerospace and EOS Data Analytics. A year ago, Tetiana Serediuk closed the deal on the sale of TheViewPoint to the American Tatari. ClickDealer is heading such ratings as Performance Insider and mThink Blue Book. By 2023, it has about 150 employees with a large office in Ukraine.
  • Digital Media Solutions was founded by Joe Marinucci as CEO, along with Fernando Borges and Luis Ruelas. The platform allows brands to customize ads in the insurance, consumer finance, e-commerce, homeowner services, and healthcare verticals. Since April 2020, the company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. By 2023, DMS has about 800 employees and 11 M&As.

According to the company, the deal will allow DMS to grow in the advertising niche for homeowner services brands in the US market, as well as strengthen the focus on working directly with brands.

“With this deal, we are delivering on our key strategic growth initiatives. We will be expanding into the sphere of marketplaces to now include home services, an industry we believe will do well in a declining market as homeowners renovate and improve their homes instead of buying new. We will also be expanding our business directly with brands internationally. With this acquisition, we will continue to invest and expand in key verticals and markets,”

Joe Marinucci, CEO of DMS, comments.

According to data for the Q4 of 2022, the market for renovation and other household services in the United States will reach $485 billion in 2023. Marketplaces for renovation services like HomeQuote allow homeowners to get offers and compare prices for work from many contractors. It also helps contractors to expand their reach across local markets.

According to the press release, operates in high-value niches such as roofing, windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchens, siding, and gutters. DMS estimates that this and ClickDealer’s other media assets will provide them with an additional $70 million-$80 million in revenue as early as 2023. The $45 million amount will consist of cash and a portion of future revenues.