For talent from Ukraine and around the world: GR8 Tech Academy opens recruitment for free QA Automation with C# and JavaScript courses

The international technology company GR8 Tech is opening registration for its Tech Academy for two courses – QA Automation with C# and JavaScript. IT trainees may gain the necessary knowledge and market experience in working with real products and receive a job offer. 

GR8 Tech Academy is the successor of Parimatch Tech Academy but with greater ambition and scale — and improves to be greater tomorrow. The team uses the best practices and principles that have worked and proved their effectiveness within several years. An additional value lies in the courses taught by practitioners who work in the company today and are personally interested in replenishing their teams.

The Academy especially values soft skills that help to work effectively, communicate and advance up a career ladder. Another important component will be the track record, where we will monitor the progress of graduates who have joined our or our counterpart’s teams.

As part of the new enrollment, the team will implement several innovations, in particular, placing a special emphasis on attracting and motivating course attendees.

“Students love us for helping them keep their motivation at a high level, so this time we will pay even more attention to it,” Tetyana Davydova, Chief Talent Officer at GR8 Tech comments.

At the same time, the new Academy is an international project. Within the scope of recruitment, not only Ukrainian talent but also students from Europe and the world will be accepted. Accordingly, teaching will be held in Ukrainian with English-language materials — and knowledge of languages is one of the requirements for candidates.

“We conducted an analysis and came to the conclusion that there are almost no similar projects in the European market, so we decided to expand geographically. The integration of foreign students is a big challenge for us, and we hope they will enjoy studying as much as their Ukrainian counterparts do,” Tetyana Davydova adds.

“Within two years, 12 technical courses were held as part of the GR8 Tech Academy,” manager Vitalia Konishchuk says. — This is a full-fledged independent educational project with its team, goals, and ambitions. Entering the international market is a natural process, which, I am sure, will bring results to both our company and the students.”

The updated Academy launches two courses — QA Automation with C# and JavaScript. During the first program, students will learn automated testing using the C# programming language, learn about the basic concepts of the process, and become familiar with the necessary frameworks. The JavaScript course, with the topics HTML/CSS, DOM, React, and Redux, will help you gain knowledge and experience in the world of web application development using the most modern approaches, frameworks, and libraries.

The training will be held online for 3.5 months. During the course, students will study the theory, and focus on practical and independent work. Ultimately, the best students will have the opportunity to join the GR8 Tech team or partner companies.

“Since the founding of the Academy, 92 graduates have joined our team, and 41 of them have already reached the middle level. These are specialists of the new generation, to whom we have transferred all the necessary knowledge and skills to use in their daily work. In times of incredible challenges, we are glad to be able to continue this project — and share knowledge with Ukrainian and global talent,” Tetyana Davydova, Chief Talent Officer at GR8 Tech says.

Any person 18 or over can apply to the Academy. This project is about openness: we accept people regardless of age, gender, or other attributes; because education should be accessible to everyone.

Applications will be accepted until 23:59 on April 11 on the website. Those who want to start training must undergo a selection process, which consists of four stages. On April 14, an online test will be held to assess the level of mathematical knowledge and cognitive abilities of applicants. On April 17, there will be a test on the basics of programming, and on April 19, there will be a test on knowledge of the English language. The final online interview will take place on April 21, and the results will be announced on April 24.

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