Women in IT report 2023: women earn 18,25% less than men in Ukraine, and 4,2% in Poland

The IT industry attracts women with various experience and professional background. How did they get a start in the tech-world? What are their earnings? Which specialization do they choose? In this year’s report, No Fluff Jobs asked these questions to 4651 specialists and candidates from Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. AIN.Capital shares the key points.

Testing is the leading specialization

The largest number of Polish women (14.9%), Hungarian (13.6%), Ukrainian (22.1%), and Czech women (19.6%) found their careers in Testing

  • The top 5 most popular technologies are:
  • SQL in the highest positions.
  • HTML follows as the second most choice.
  • CSS is also popular with female programmers.
  • JavaScript is the fourth most popular,
  • followed by Python as the fifth.

Only Dutch women broke the pattern and chose paths related to programming — Frontend (11.8%) and Fullstack (9.75%).

Women in IT and their salary

The majority of female IT specialists (27.5%) earn about PLN 4500 — 7000 (€950 — €1500) monthly. In turn, as many as 17.4% of respondents said that their optimal wage should be around PLN 7000 — 9500. Only half of them admitted (56.8 %), that they are satisfied with their current salary.

Interestingly, as many as 66% of IT specialists from Poland admitted to not knowing the wages of their male colleagues. This shows a lack of visibility, that led to, according to No Fluff Jobs, women in the European Union earning on average 13% less than men.

The wage gap among male and female IT specialists is most prominent in Ukraine (18.25%), followed by Hungary (17.2%), Czech Republic (16.4%), the Netherlands (14.2 %), and lastly Poland (4.2 %).

Other professional challenges

Other than wages, the IT specialists in Poland most often mentioned other challenges including taking care of well-being and coping with stress (43%), decreased motivation (42%), and the changing economic situation in the world (26%). 

The biggest challenge for women from Ukraine (66%), the Czech Republic (46%), and Hungary (46%) was taking care of their well-being and coping with stress. IT specialists from the Netherlands most often complained about the decrease in motivation (34%).

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