Polish medtech Orthoget raises €2.1M for its limb lengthening technology

Wroclaw-based medtech startup Orthoget has raised around €2.1 million (PLN 10 million) for the development of its limb lengthening technology. The National Center for Research and Development and the BRIdge Alfa initiative provided the funding, My Company Polska informs.

  • Founded in 2017 by a team of Wrocław scientists, Orthoget is a bioengineering company that conducts R&D projects in the area of implantology. The company develops a technology that helps people with lower-limb asymmetry and short stature gain height.
  • The whole lengthening process is dealt with the help of OrthoSystem technologies. Using the implant from Orthoget, it is expected to last about 12 months, without long-term hospitalization. According to the company, the treatment will also be less expensive comparing to other methods, which start around €40,000 per limb on the Polish market.
  • So far, Orthoget received €2.1 million to develop its tech. The investment consists of €1.9 million (PLN 9 million) under the Fast Track program from the National Center for Research and Development. Another €213,000 (PLN 1 million) came from the BRIdge Alfa initiative.
  • The founders will use the fresh capital to speed up the implementation of clinical trials. In total, 81 implantations will be carried out. The funding will also allow to produce the appropriate number of nails and drives.