Market One Capital invests in METYCLE during €1.5M round

METYCLE, a German B2B startup, has completed a €1.5 million pre-seed financing round to digitalize global metal recycling. Marketplace-focused VCs Market One Capital, a fund from Poland, and Dutch Founders Fund are the lead investors.

  • METYCLE is a global end-to-end marketplace trading platform founded by Sebastian Brenner and Rafael Suchan. The platform enables digital, fast, and efficient trade of secondary metals.
  • Essentially, the company facilitates easy access to metal scrap and recycled metals for the production supply chain. It also ensures trust and quality via specialized agents and by acting as distributor on its account.

“We’re excited to partner with Sebastian and Rafael on their mission towards more efficient and sustainable trading of metals for recycling. Given their experience and expertise the Founders are uniquely positioned to make it happen. It’s a huge market and METYCLE fits very well into our B2B marketplaces investment focus,”

Jacek Łubiński, Partner at Market One Capital, says.
  • Market One Capital is one of the lead investors in METYCLE. It is a Warsaw-based Pan-European early stage venture capital fund investing into marketplaces, digital platforms, and SaaS. The company founded and scaled three online platforms, as well as invested in over 60 early-stage tech startups. In October 2022, the firm launched its second €80 million fund.
  • Dutch Founders Fund is the other lead investor. It is also an early-stage VC that primarily invests in marketplaces and network effects across Europe. Several angel investors also joined the round, including Tom Bird and Louis Pfitzne.
  • Using the fresh funds, METYCLE plans to continue to increase its product offering. The company also wants to hire around 20 new specialists within the next 12 months.