Serbian LeadDelta closes $800K pre-seed funding round

The Belgrad-based LeadDelta, a platform that lets B2B teams manage their network, has announced the closing of an $800,000 pre-seed funding round. The LeadDelta startup plans to continue growing and expanding its network.

  • Founded in 2021 LeadDelta develops a platform that lets B2B professionals and teams manage their network and extract value from it at the right time. Dashboard, sidebar, and smart inbox allow users to tag their LinkedIn connections to an app 11,000+ individuals and teams use.
  • The startup claims that with the help of its solution, users can more effectively sell, employ, and market their products and services through a unified network of contacts. In 2022 LeadDelta won the #1 SaaS App, voted by half a million people on Product Hunt. 
  • Among the investors is Tihomir Bajic, the founder of the organization Serbian Entrepreneurs, which was created with the intention for Serbian entrepreneurs in the diaspora to boost the development of the startup ecosystem in Serbia and help other entrepreneurs abroad with their suggestions, experiences, contacts, and networking.

“As a person who fostered numerous for-profit and non-profit enterprises through stewarding community efforts, it wasn’t until LeadDelta that I got the first smart and dedicated application for targeted network outreach. This is not only an idea I believe in. It powers how I interact daily as a professional. I’m proud to be the first investor and the angel syndicate lead,”

Tihomir Bajic comments the investment. 
  • With the fresh funding round, LeadDelta aims to revolutionize how teams sell, hire, fundraise, and market their products and services. The startup is poised to continue growing and expanding into new market segments.