Room 8 Group, a gamedev company with Ukrainian roots, opens a studio for work in Poland and Romania

Room 8 Group, a game development company with Ukrainian roots, will open a new game quality assurance studio called Highlight QA, DOU reports.

  • The new studio will be a part of the Group’s QA Service Line, initially in Poland and Romania.
  • Highlight QA team has already worked on FIFA, Subnautica, Gears of War franchises, as well as Minecraft, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, For Honor, Heroes of Dragon Age, Carrion, etc.
  • Highlight QA is the second new studio to be launched by Room 8 Group in March 2023. Previously, it has already opened a new trailer production studio, Heroic. Most of its personnel are from Ukraine. This studio produces videos for console, mobile, and PC games. It belongs to the company’s Art Service Line, led by Vadim Krayevoy.
  • In the summer of 2022, it became known that Room 8 Studio was to split into several subsidiaries. Currently, the studio unites seven brands, including Room 8 Studio, Massive Black, Dragons Lake, Solid Bash, PUGA, Heroic, and Highlight QA.