Croatian GameBoost secures €2M from Fil Rouge Capital and Feelsgood

Zagreb-based GameBoost, a gaming services provider, has secured €2 million to accelerate its expansion into new markets. The investment was co-led by Fil Rouge Capital and Feelsgood.

  • Founded in 2022 GameBoost is a marketplace that connects users looking for gaming services with users selling gaming services, among them are:
    • coaching (training players in popular online multiplayer video games);
    • sale of specialized user accounts;
    • duoplay (the user and the service provider can play together), etc.;
  • Such services are most in demand for multiplayer online games (League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, Rocket League, etc.), in which each player has their own ELO rating. The startup claims that users have the opportunity to play with 0.01% of the best players in the world, achieve great results together with them, and improve their playing skills. 
  • The fresh investment was led by Zagreb-based social impact VC fund Feelsgood. In February 2022 it led €600,000 round for VIDI-TO, Croatian edtech startup. In April 2022, GameBoost received €500,000 from Fil Rouge Capital.
  • With the fresh investment, GameBoost plans to promote multiculturalism, and the inclusion of women in the IT industry, expand to more markets, and add more video games.