Ukrainian and American engineers develop RG-7 anti-drone rifle costing $12,000

The founder of DroneUA, Valeriy Iakovenko, wrote about the new anti-drone rifle called RG-7. The editor of AIN.Capital talked with Iakovenko about the details of the weapon’s development.

All the pictures in the article are courtesy of Valeriy Iakovenko

The RG-7 is the result of the development of a group of Ukrainian and American engineers. The name of the company is not disclosed for security reasons. The core electronic boards are designed and manufactured in the US. The main body elements are made and assembled in Ukraine. DroneUA is engaged in product development, market adaptation, and distribution.

“We are now building a network of partners who will provide advice, supply equipment, and train users,” says Iakovenko.

The rifle, together with the power system, weighs 4.5 kg. Without being connected to power it works for 30 to 60 minutes and the battery can be changed rapidly. It operates on frequencies of 5.8 and 24 GHz, as well as on frequencies which allow its position to be suppressed.

The cost of the rifle is $12,000.

The RG-7 can be supplied in several configurations, depending on the number of interchangeable batteries.

According to Iakovenko, 30 such devices have already been manufactured and are now working effectively in Ukraine, and only in the last 24 hours DroneUA received requests for another 20 such guns.

The rifles are ready to be ordered and shipped. However, only public sector entities can buy the product now.