AI like ChatGPT can in some way automatize almost 300 million jobs 

According to Goldman Sachs report, more than 300 million full-time jobs around the world could be automated by modern AI-technologies like ChatGPT, CNN writes.

  • 18% of work globally could be computerized, with the most huge effects on advanced economies. Administrative workers and lawyers will be the most affected, compared to the “little effect” on manual laborers, such as construction and repair work.
  • Currently, in the United States and Europe, approximately two-thirds of jobs are already partly automated with the help of AI, and a quarter of them could be done by AI completely soon. 
  • Nevertheless, there is a good side: the specialists claim that AI could ultimately increase labor productivity — and boost global GDP by 7% annually over a 10-year period.

“Although the impact of AI on the labor market is likely to be significant, most jobs and industries are only partially exposed to automation and are thus more likely to be complemented rather than substituted by AI,”

the economists added.
  • It is expected that in the US, 25% to 50% workers can be replaced by AI-technologies and ChatGPT. It can significantly reduce the costs for labor and new job creation, and also increase productivity of work processes.

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