JR Holding ASI invests €285k in Nanovery, a British company

Poland-based stock company JR Holding ASI has invested approximately €285,000 in Nanovery, a British diagnostics technology company. The whole investment round amounts to about €2.1 million, MamStartup reports.

  • Nanovery is a Newcastle, UK-based diagnostics technology company that develops a cancer testing product. The company created a nanorobot platform which can identify illnesses including prostate cancer, liver disease, as well as acute liver and kidney toxicity.

“The raised £1.85 million [€2.1 million] will support our efforts to save more lives through better prostate cancer testing. We are glad that JR HOLDING, a leading Polish investment company, joins the British investors and institutions supporting us, enabling us to intensify our development work,”

Dr. Jerzy Kozyra, President and founder of Nanovery, comments.
  • The round includes funding from the North East Innovation Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, Northstar Ventures, Innovate UK, and Prostate Cancer Research, along with angel investors.
  • JR Holding ASI invested around €285,000 in Nanovery. JR Holding is an alternative joint-stock company based in Krakow. The firm mainly invests across the CEE region in key future sectors, such as renewable energy, gaming, lifestyle, AI, new media, and biotech. In March, JRH backed the $1 million round for AI Clearing and invested in Closer Music during its €1.3 million round.
  • The funding will allow Nanovery to further develop its cancer testing product.