Austrian Calm/Storm Ventures joins $1.2M round for Nolea Health 

The London-based Nolea Health, that provides a healthcare jobs marketplace platform, announced that it had raised $1.2 million in a seed funding. The round was led by Frontline Ventures, with participation from Calm/Storm Ventures and business angels.

  • Founded in 2022 by Richard Dawes, Nolea Health’s platform offers a national network of mental healthcare professionals and making them discoverable to the right vacancies and healthcare providers and systems. Nolea’s digital workflow technology streamlines the talent acquisition process for healthcare organizations’ hiring teams and reduces time. Employers can effortlessly browse, and instantly discover, clinical talents on demand. One of Nolea’s key features is its comprehensive clinician directory, containing verified healthcare professionals. ‍
  • Last year Nolea received its first investment check through ODX, the On Deck Global Accelerator program and participated in the Google Black Founder Fund program. The company received non-dilutive cash grants, Google Cloud credits, and hands-on support.

“The Covid-19 pandemic unveiled a broken healthcare system – an increasing number of people report mental health issues, leading to staff shortages, long working hours and burned-out professionals in therapy and beyond. We are excited to see Nolea addressing the core problem of healthcare providers needing help finding enough staff to serve their patients. The innovative white-label clinician marketplace platform also enables clinicians that want work flexibility, multiple work opportunities, access to digital tools, and upskilling opportunities,” 

said Calm/Storm Founding Partner Lucanus Polagnoli.
  • The round was co-led by Dublin-based Frontline Ventures, with participation from Vienna-based VC fund Calm/Storm Ventures. Earlier this year, Calm/Storm Ventures co-led €6 million pre-seed funding round for Austrian healthcare billing app developer
  • With the recent funding, Nolea Health plans to expand its team and further develop its machine learning-based technology, doubling down on improving its clinical job-matching capabilities. Nolea Health also aims to expand its reliable job marketplace beyond mental healthcare to address workforce planning challenges and staff shortages in other areas of healthcare.