Polish company Gleevery closes its second funding round. So far, it has raised €1.5M

Warsaw-based circular economy platform Gleevery has closed its second funding round. The investors include YES.pl, BRE Ubezpieczenia, PayPo, Tutlo, and Vedion, as well as several angel investors. In total, the company raised over €1.5 million (PLN 7 million) since inception, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2021 by Jakub Buga, Gleevery is a company developing new technology and circular economy platform. It connects employers with all kinds of technology stores, producers, and distributors, and then enables employees to rent their dream products as non-wage benefits, thanks to a paid subscription by the company.
  • At the moment, the company has tested Gleevery with companies employing over 20,000 people, in over 50 Polish cities. Since its establishment, the startup has obtained over €1.5 million (PLN 7 million) in funding.

“We are very happy that members of the ImpactAngels.PL business angels club have joined the investment round of Gleevery. This is the first investment of our club, we believe that impact investments will soon be a real support for projects with a positive impact in Poland and the CEE region,”

Przemek Pohrybieniuk, Managing Director of ImpactAngels.PL, comments.
  • The second round investors include YES.pl, BRE Ubezpieczenia, PayPo, Tutlo, and Vedion, which invested in Gleevery at the pre-revenue stage a year ago.
  • Several angel investors also participated, including Aleksandra Friedel, co-owner of Unilink SA, and Adam Radzki, former member of the board of Benefit Systems.
  • Thanks to the funding, Gleevery aims to implement the sharing economy principles and extend the life cycle of products through rent.