Czech AI Startup Incubator announces a new €20M fund, Look AI Ventures

Pragua-based AI Startup Incubator has announced the launch of Look AI Ventures, a €20 million fund aiming to invest in early-stage AI startup ecosystem. The fund plans to provide €250,000 to 35 startups.

  • Look AI Ventures (LAIV) is the first investment fund in the Czech Republic that focuses exclusively on AI startups worldwide. It provides new investors with the opportunity to seek the high returns that AI businesses promise.
  • The fund was established in late 2022 on the foundation of AI Startup Incubator (AISI) by major Czech investors with over 20 years of experience: Daniel Kunz, Pavel Rosendorf, and Alexander Brányik.
    • The fund’s target is to raise €20 million to invest in companies addressing major markets with AI-driven solutions at their core.
    • It focuses on pre-seed and seed-stage companies from Europe, mainly from the CEE region.
    • The ticket sizes start from €250,000 and can reach up to €1 million of reinvestment capital.
    • It is planning to add at least 35 startups to its portfolio over the next three years.
    • LAIV incorporates all know-how from AI Startup Incubator, its subsidiary company, including a network of contacts, and partners into its structure, along with an existing portfolio.

“Artificial intelligence is in a unique situation. On the one hand, it is a proven megatrend, but at the same time, it is far from reaching its full potential. Regarding the economic situation, we view the timing of the market as extremely favorable, given there are high-quality projects under much better conditions than in recent years,”

Martin Dostál, CSO and Partner at AI Startup Incubator and a member of the Look AI Ventures Investment Committee, comments.

About AI Startup Incubator

  • Founded in 2017, AISI is an early-stage investor focusing exclusively on startups implementing AI technology in their innovative ideas. According to the firm, it responds to the needs of each portfolio startup to help them realize their business, using the power of AI. Martin Havlík, Martin Dostál, and Angelo Burgarello are the founders of AISI.
  • In Q4 2022, AISI became a subsidiary of the newly built Look AI Venturesfund. The firm merged its existing portfolio, expertise, resources, scouting, and evaluation processes into the new fund structure.

In March 2022, AI Startup Incubator participated in the €680,000 pre-seed round for Pandatron, a Finnish  change management startup.