Ahrefs released its first printed book on SEO fundamentals, SEO Book for Beginners

Founded by Ukrainian Dmytro Herasymenko, Ahrefs, which is known for producing the SEO toolset and a free digital marketing knowledge base, published its first book, SEO Book for Beginners.

Image: Ahrefs
  • As Ahrefs told AIN.Capital, the company has published more than 600 digital marketing articles on their blog, which was visited by thousands of people, especially those new to SEO. Then the Ahrefs team decided to collect all of those articles in one place and create the definitive guide for beginners with all they need to know to hit the ground running and start ranking higher in organic search — that is how the idea of the book appeared.
  • SEO Book for Beginners provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the fundamentals of search engine optimization. The book covers everything from how search engines work to keyword research to link building, listing critical takeaways after each chapter, and directing readers to valuable sources they may use to expand their understanding of each topic.
  • The book is currently not available for sale on Amazon or elsewhere. Ahrefs printed only 2,000 copies and will give them all away for free.
  • For now, there are only two ways to receive the printed book.
  • For those who still prefer the digital version, here’s the link to last year’s beginner’s guide to SEO.