Austrian Calm/Storm Ventures joins a $3.1M round for healthtech Little Journey

London-based startup Little Journey, aiming to reduce anxiety for children undergoing healthcare procedures, announced the closure of a $3.1 million round led by Octopus Ventures, alongside with Mercia PLC, Northern Powerhouse, Calm Storm Ventures, and angel investors.

  • Founded by Dr. Chris Evans and human-centred product designer Sophie Copley, Little Journey develops an app that helps children and their families prepare for medical interventions, reducing stress and anxiety. The startup informs that each experience personalized to the child’s age, their hospital, and the procedure they are having. 
  • Little Journey claims that the end product can reduce anxiety by 32%, recovery time by 30%, and on-the-day cancellations by 42%. The platform also includes management portals for hospitals and for clinical trials. 
  • The round was co-led by London-based VC firm Octopus Ventures. In 2022, it participated in €500,000 pre-seed round for Estonian startup Bitskout.
  • Vienna-based VC fund Calm/Storm Ventures and Northern Powerhouse from the UK also joined the investment. Recently, Austrian Calm/Storm Ventures joined a $1.2 million round for Nolea Health.
  • This investment will be used to scale and expand Little Jorney into new markets, enhance its data collection and processing capabilities, improve the inclusivity and accessibility of the product.