Poland-founded Nutrix completes a new funding round, raising €2.1M raised in total

Nutrix, a healthcare startup with a Polish co-founder, has completed its second round of funding. It has already raised a total of €2.1 million (PLN 10 million). Simpact Ventures, Chile Ventures, and ADD Venture are the main investors, My Company Polska reports.

  • Nutrix was founded by Jemish Parmar, Nikhil Singh, and an entrepreneur from Poland Maria Hahn in 2020. It is a SaaS platform that provides assistance, control, and remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. It uses high-tech non-invasive and AI-based devices to improve wellbeing, quality of life, and longevity for patients.
  • The company is based in Switzerland, but has branch offices in Chile and Poland, where R&D and a team specializing in creating digital solutions are operating. Nutrix also utilizes international expertise from experts in Poland, Switzerland, India, Mexico, UK, Chile, and Brazil.

“Attracting investors from two continents emphasizes the global nature and ambitions of our startup. This is crucial for us because the challenge we face has no borders or citizenship. Therefore, our satisfaction is all the greater that we will soon take another step in the development of our technology. The funds obtained will enable us to continue our work and reach more people affected by diabetes,”

Maria Hahn, president and founder of Nutrix, commented.
  • The latest round was led by the Polish impact fund Simpact Ventures, the Chilean VC fund Chile Ventures, ADD Venture, and also included a grant from Innosuisse. The company does not reveal the exact details of the round, but announces that the total amount of raised funding reached €2.1 million.
  • Nutrix will apply the fresh funds for further technological development and expansion in Latin America, with plans for entering Central and Eastern Europe and the USA.