Ukrainian startup Effy was selected as the “Product of the day” on Product Hunt

Effy is a 360 assessment and performance review tool from Ukraine, has been featured as one of the top projects on Product Hunt. At present, there is a contest for the  monthly championship, giving users the opportunity to show their support for the product and provide their feedback. 

Effy aims to foster a culture of high performing teams by assessing employee strengths and areas for development. This is achieved through quarterly feedback from colleagues and managers on team interactions, goal achievement, and competency improvement. Based on the feedback, the employee and their manager collaborate to create a personalized development plan. Effy is popular among startups and small companies initiating their HR processes.

The system offers a comprehensive range of features that automate the entire process of performance evaluations. These features include pre-designed templates for questionnaires, seamless integration with ChatGPT for effortless report writing after conducting surveys, and the ability to complete questionnaires directly on Slack. With Effy’s assistance, managers can conduct performance evaluations within a few hours, streamlining and enhancing the performance review process in the organization.

Yesterday, Effy was awarded the “#1 Product of the Day” on Product Hunt, which is the top platform for discovering and sharing new IT products. Within 24 hours, Effy garnered over 800 votes and 100 product registrations. 

“This is our first launch on Product Hunt and to get Product of the day was quite unexpected”, Andrii Makhovskyi, CEO of Effy, said.

“We designed Effy to simplify the performance evaluation process, make it more efficient and convenient for employees,” said Anton Bannov, Head of Sales Effy. “Our platform helps companies save time, reduce errors and conduct reviews with ease, which ultimately benefits the entire organization.”