Newxel’s team took part in the Kyiv Unbroken Half Marathon by RunUkraine. How did it go?

“Ran to impact the world”, — this was the slogan of the Newxel team at the charity race “Day 431: Kyiv Unbroken Half Marathon” organized by RunUkraine. The charity mission of the race was to raise funds for the Hospitallers Medical Volunteer Battalion, which has been saving our defenders since 2014.

Newxel and charity

Newxel is an international IT company with Ukrainian roots that connects talent with innovative tech projects worldwide. Such CSR activities are an essential part of the company’s life, as the team constantly encourages CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and participates in charity: together, the team raises funds for and supports soldiers and colleagues on the frontline. The Newxel Hero section on Instagram and Facebook highlights the team’s volunteer initiatives.

Without limits: all the distances have been conquered!

Eleven runners competed at each distance – 5, 10, and 21 km. Yevhen Popovych, Senior Software Engineer, covered the longest distance.

“This is my first time participating in this format, so my impressions of the race are wonderful. I believe this is a great start, and from now on, we will be constantly participating in events like this”, – Yevhen shared his impressions.

Newxel team – the team of Half Marathon participants:

  • Andrii Bezruchko, CEO Newxel – 10 km;
  • Ievgen Popovych, Senior Software Engineer – 21 km;
  • Andrii Bondar, Server-Side Team Lead – 5 km;
  • Inna Skachok, Inter Comms Manager – 5 km;
  • Maryna Vertyporokh, HRBP – 5 km online in Portugal;
  • Ivan Khrustalov, Product Manager – 10 km;
  • Vadym Shevchenko, Front-End Developer – 5 km;
  • Uliana Marchuk, Email Marketing Manager – 5 km;
  • Hryhorii Tur, Linux Kernel Developer – 5 km;
  • Vlad Kutsey, Head of Strategic Expansion – 5 km online in Spain;
  • Dmytro Boldyriev, Facility Maintenance Specialist – 10 km.

The company’s CEO is the chief inspirer of the team race

Newxel was happy to join the charity event organized by Run Ukraine. The team’s corporate participation was converted into donations for a good cause. This was incredibly motivating for all team members. The participants were also inspired to run by the company’s CEO, Andrii Bezruchko. He leads an active lifestyle and encourages his colleagues by example. Andriy’s distance was 10 km.

“Dear friends, thank you for joining the Kyiv Half Marathon of Invincibility. A vibrant, united team with shared interests inspires and strengthens our confidence in victory. We truly “ran with impact”. I am proud of our involvement, joint growth, and joint victories!”, – says Andrii Bezruchko, CEO of Newxel.

Preparations and support group

“The Kyiv Half Marathon of Invincibility is not only about overcoming the running distance but also about charity. When I learned that 50% of the participation fee would be donated to the Hospitallers battalion, I immediately signed up, even though I didn’t have enough time to prepare”, – says Inna Skachok, Inter Comms Manager.

Preparations in all areas were carried out at an accelerated pace: due to the lack of time, the participants trained on their own, and the operational team created a unique concept of branding the sports kit for the race in a few days.

The support group was also unique: the Newxel team joined the event with the runners’ family and friends, creating a warm atmosphere and inspiring participants to victory.

Online race in the Pyrenees

Kyiv Half Marathon is a landmark event that can be joined online anywhere worldwide. Thus, the Newxel team took part globally: colleagues ran 5 km distances abroad.

Vlad Kutsey, Head of Strategic Expansion, joined in Spain.

“My impressions are as positive as possible because it’s been a long time since I’ve run a race, so these moments make me feel even more inspired. I love to run, and when it comes to helping our people, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and everyone who demonstrates invincibility, I am with the Ukrainians because this is real support. I am grateful to Run Ukraine and Newxel for this opportunity and the efficient organization”, –  Vlad says.

Maryna Vertyporokh, HRBP, joined the race in Portugal.

“I like activities that bring people together and are socially useful. In addition, as an HR professional, I saw the prospect of team building for our talents, especially given the option to join remotely. This marathon made me feel part of something big and important, even in Portugal, far from the team. Thank you for the opportunity to participate online!”, – Maryna added.

During the Half Marathon, the organizers raised over 400 thousand UAH to purchase tourniquets. “I have great impressions. I am very pleased that so many people joined the marathon”, – said Andrii Bondar.

This event is an essential part of Newxel’s corporate culture, emphasizing the company’s social responsibility and promoting the development of the volunteer community.