Polish medtech BioCam secures €440k to develop an AI-based endoscopic capsule

Wroclaw-based medtech startup BioCam has secured about €440,000 (PLN 2 million) from the Level2 Ventures fund. The company develops an endoscopic capsule technology supported by AI, MamStartup informs.

  • Founded in 2019 by Maciej Wysocki, Marek Langner, and Robert Stachurski, BioCam creates a remote and painless system for diagnosing and monitoring digestive health using an AI-powered smart-pill. The company’s goal is to reduce the cost of gastrointestinal examinations, increase patient comfort, and popularize the capsule endoscopy method.
BioCam secures €440k
Image: BioCam
  • BioCam is currently working on its own hardware platform. In the future, it will be enable the use of such capsules to measure various physiological parameters, such as temperature, pH, or pressure difference. Apart from human therapy, the company also plans to provide the solution for the veterinary sector.
  • Level2 Ventures is the lead investor in the technology. It is a venture capital fund operating in Central and Eastern Europe since 2021. Since 2020, BioCam has managed to raise a total of approximately €2.3 million (PLN 10.5 million) from previous investors like LT Capital and business angel Dawid Urban.
  • Thanks to the fresh capital, BioCam is planning to further develop the hardware solution. It also plans to conduct research into the possibilities of using endoscopic capsules beyond their conventional use.