Glovo Ukraine Startup Lab chooses 3 finalists to receive €35k

The Ukranian Startup Fund in cooperation with Glovo have announced the winners of the Glovo Ukraine Startup Lab program. Three Ukrainian startups Revisior, DEEPLOYALTY, and Spendbase have received a total of €35,000 in prize money, the organizers told AIN.Capital.

  • The event took place on May 16, 2023 in Kyiv. During the event, 20 teams presented their own projects, from which the jury chose three winners. In total, the organizers received more than 70 applications from startups in the early stages (pre-seed or seed) working in the fields of mobility, logistics, food technology, fintech, and lifestyle.

“Ukraine has huge potential to become a regional technology hub, as it has a unique combination of talent and startup culture. At Glovo, we strive not only to create innovative solutions that connect couriers, users and institutions, but also to expand the capabilities of local technological ecosystems. That’s why we launched the Glovo Ukraine Startup Lab to support Ukrainian startups that want to raise funds and go international. This will become a regular initiative,”

Sasha Micho, co-founder of Glovo, comments.

After a series of lectures from leading speakers, the jury decided on three winners:

  • Glovo Ukraine Startup Lab
  • Glovo Ukraine Startup Lab
  1. Revisior won €20,000 and an internship in Barcelona. It is a comprehensive feedback and NPS service that helps companies quickly identify and solve customer problems using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  2. DEEPLOYALTY received €10,000 and also an internship in Barcelona. The startup develops a digital platform for leading retailers and banks that enables them to issue loyalty cards and display receipts in transaction details.
  3. Spendbase got a €5,000 award and online mentorship from the Glovo team. Its team develops a unified platform for optimizing company expenses. The solution integrates easy-to-use virtual banking systems, expense control systems, and SaaS management.

The jury consisted of Sasha Misho, co-founder of Glovo, Maryna Pavlyuk, general director of Glovo in Ukraine, Kyrylo Bondar, partner at the UNIT.City innovation park, and Serhii Kravets, partner at GR Capital. In addition, the initiative partner GR Capital will provide the winners with mentorship for 1 year and help with connections around the world.

About the Ukrainian Startup Fund

The Ukrainian Startup Fund is a leading state institution that helps innovative projects and technological startups to attract funds at the early stages and launch their own projects. The fund contributes to the development of the startup ecosystem, provides conditions for the growth of the field. It also forms a positive investment image of the Ukrainian tech industry abroad and represents Ukrainian innovative solutions around the world.