How to do first sales and fundraising: join meetup for founders in Warsaw by Israeli tech investors and

Leading Polish venture capital fund is inviting startup founders to the fifth meeting in the frames of its Founder Wannabes initiative. It unites a series of monthly face-to-face meetups aimed to help potential founders with idea generation and validation, searching for potential co-founders, and business development. 

The new Founder Wannabes event will be dedicated to those entrepreneurs, who are at the very beginning of their business path and want to learn more on how to do the first sale and fundraise. In order to join the meetup and get the insights from special guests, please apply by June 4, midnight.

What will be the new meetup about and who can participate?

Each Founder Wannabes meetup by is attended by up to 70 selected participants. All of them are young entrepreneurs, who are discussing their ideas, market trends with each other and VCs, ask questions, and find out more about startup financing and venture building, as well as have an opportunity to meet potential co-founders.

The special guests of the upcoming fifth event will be two Israeli entrepreneurs and investors:

  • Ariel Finkelstein, a serial entrepreneur with focus on software companies. Ariel is a founder at TeanX and Venture Partner at Since he entered the Polish market 6 years ago, he invested and partnered with companies, such as JJIt, Zowie, More Growth Ventures, uPacjenta.
  • Avi Wiesenberg, one of the leading technology Sales Executives in Israel with over 18 years of experience in technology and SaaS companies spanning both corporates, hyper-growth, and startups. He is a founder of Scaling Revenues Consulting, who has previously held numerous VP Sales and CRO titles across companies such as Appsee, SimilarWeb, and Lusha.

Ariel and Avi will tell the participants about how to do a startup’s first sales and understanding customers, how to fundraise and understand the investors. They are also going to share some insights on how to avoid the most common mistakes Polish startups make.

To participate in the meetup, fill in the form until the end of June 4th.

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