Infoshare announces the winners of Startup Contest 2023

Infoshare, one of the biggest tech and startup conferences in the Central and Eastern European region, has announced the winners of Startup Contest 2023. Polish Genotic, British upLYFT, and Estonian Beholder were totally awarded €30,000 in cash from the City of Gdansk.

The winners of Infoshare Startup Contest 2023 — Genotic, upLYFT, and Beholder
Photo: Infoshare
  • This year, it was the 17th edition of Infoshare. It took place on May 24-25 in Gdansk and saw over 6,000 visitors. Apart from thematic panels, matchmaking and partnership expos, the event hosted a Startup Contest, the total prize pool of which is €30,000 in cash.
  • The list of semifinalists in 2023 includes 20 startups from Poland, the UK, Estonia, Germany, Belgia, Spain, Ireland that are developing Tech4Good solutions in such verticals as medtech, agrotech, cleantech, robotics among others. 5 of them, more precisely SAY IT Labs, Beholder, Green Sequest, upLYFT and Genotic, reached the final.

Who are the winners

  • Genotic took the first place and got €20,000. Polish startup uses artificial intelligence to design, test, and produce antibodies, which are a universal tool used in research and development. In addition, it has the potential to be used in the diagnosis of infectious diseases such as: Anthrax, Plague or COVID-19.

“It was the first time we are sharing our ideas, and happy to see that the general perception was well. We are a biotechnology startup, and for us, the money is the limit. So we are going to spend the prize money on buying the chemicals, laboratory equipment. The investment will also go to delivering the product, extensive research of what we are producing,”

the Genotic team says.
  • upLYFT was awarded with €7,000. It is a London-based wellbeing company that is working on smart medical undergarments to fight MSK diseases.
  • Beholder got the third place and €3,000 in prize. It is the Estonian startup that AI-assisted SaaS platform for minerals discovering that is aimed at solving problems with environmental monitoring.

About Infoshare

Infoshare is one of the biggest tech conferences in CEE. It is a place where software developers, business leaders, startup founders, investors, marketers, and enthusiast of technology gather in to learn and get inspired, connect and evolve. This year, the conference was hosting over 6,000 attendees, including representatives of over 500 startups and 100 VCs.