Invento VC invests in Finteq, a Polish supply chain startup

Katowice-based firm Invento VC has announced the investment in Finteq. It is a Polish startup that offers a platform for managing financial liquidity in supply chains using the capital available in the chain. The amount of the deal is not disclosed.

  • Founded in 2023 by Rafal Chraboł, Finteq’s platform helps manage financial liquidity in supply chain. It also provides zero-emission supplier financing and a modern form of payment that eliminates payment bottlenecks. 
  • The platform is able to shorten payment terms for suppliers without credit risk and deepen the relationships of partners working together in the chain. This helps companies to reduce costs and achieve better financial performance.

“Our investment is a sign of Finteq’s growing recognition as an industry provider of innovative solutions. With this investment, Finteq will be able to further develop its platform and expand its business. This will pave the way for the company to become an industry leader and provide innovative solutions for supply chain companies,”

Invento VC comments.
  • Invento VC is a Polish venture capital fund investing in impact projects and startups in the IT, deeptech, health, food, and cleantech industries. In April the firm launched the Brasilesia Accelerator to support Latin American and Polish startups.