Ukrainian plugins for ChatGPT are among the first in the official OpenAI catalog

Two ChatGPT plugins, developed by a Ukrainian team, were included in OpenAI‘s official plugin catalog. The catalog presently boasts over 200 unique plugins, underscoring the global enthusiasm for AI development. Oleksandr Gamaniuk, CEO of Tarta, announced this on Facebook.

Exploring the plugins

A job search service represents the mainstay of’s business operations. Consequently, the plugins for OpenAI (these are ‘copilots’, software that leverages AI functionality) were designed to cater to this same employment industry.

  • JoPilot is a copilot allowing users to detail the job they are looking for, and the tool will help to choose the most appropriate options, tailored to the user’s unique requirements. For example, a user might request: “Find me driver jobs in 90094 or Culver City. Exclude delivery positions and jobs at Doordash or Amazon. Hide jobs more than 8 miles away from my location. Show only jobs from the last three days.” JoPilot undertakes its search utilizing’s job database, with an added option to incorporate additional sources.
  • ResumeCopilot assists in CV creation. This ‘copilot’ reviews the resume, provides feedback, and proposes revisions, all while clarifying the advantages of these proposed changes. Ultimately, it takes the final step of editing the resume and presenting the user with a polished, updated version. In a specific instance, it successfully adapted a resume of an immigrant from India to American job market standards — eliminating mentions of unnecessary details, standardizing the date format, and de-emphasizing the knowledge of local dialects.

To leverage these plugins, a ChatGPT PLUS account is required. Once logged in, users can select the plugin in the list of plugins and click ‘Install’. Following this, start a new chat in ChatGPT, select the GPT-4 Plugins model and the desired plugin.

The plugins were developed by, but are being promoted under the new brand. This brand is set to emerge as a marketplace for copilots.

“We’re not monetizing copilots just yet – we plan to establish a marketplace where you can order services from robots instead of people. As an alternative to platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. We’re currently testing which use cases will be most effective,” Oleksandr shared in a comment to AIN.Capital.

Why is it interesting?

OpenAI launched its official plugin catalog in late March 2023, and while the number of plugins currently in the catalog is relatively small, it’s intriguing to note that two of the earliest entries were from a Ukrainian company.

According to Oleksandr, securing a spot in the official catalog is challenging.

“You have to wait in waitlists, explain why you are cool and should be the first to get access. Our background in our first business (the chatbot marketplace, which is related to chatbot development, assisted us significantly,” he explained.

OpenAI incorporated the Ukrainian plugins into the catalog as soon as the team rectified certain issues with the description. Following this adjustment, the traffic to the plugins significantly increased.

“On the very first day of launch, several hundred people from various parts of the world created or updated their resumes. JoPilot, which was launched a bit earlier, has thousands of active users,” shared Oleksandr.

Intriguing fact…

The code for Tarta’s ChatGPT copilots was actually written by ChatGPT itself.

“I encourage everyone on the team to use ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot for writing code. It’s like magic! I used to be a developer, and I never thought I’d live to see something like this. ChatGPT actually writes great code, edits it, and even explains it,” Oleksandr shared.

The decision was made to render these plugins open-source, and their source code is available for review on GitHub.