Romanian fintech Finqware raises €2M, targets further €1M on SeedBlink

Bucharest-based open banking fintech company Finqware has raised €2 million from an unnamed investment fund in Luxembourg. Targeting further €1 million, the company launches a crowdfunding campaign on SeedBlink, Romania-Insider reports.

  • Founded in 2018 by Cosmin Cosma, Danut Covalciuc, and Dumitru Taraianu, Finqware is a treasury automation platform. It helps multi-entity, cross-border organizations with providing real-time cash management, payments, collections, and reporting on top of open banking.
  • According to the company, it already helped to secure over 10 million transactions on its platform with more than 80 bank connections in 14 countries. Finqware’s pre-money valuation at which the round takes place is €11.75 million.
  • As the company aims at international expansion, specifically in the Benelux region, it managed to secure €2 million from an undisclosed fund in Luxembourg. In order to complete the round, Finqware is launching a campaign on the crowdfunding platform SeedBlink, offering shares between €250,000 and €500,000.
  • It is the second financing round for Finqware. In July 2022, the company secured €510,000 in crowdfunding to complement its seed round.