20 largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine: results of H1 2023

To work out the latest rankings, our team interviewed twenty industry representatives and analyzed changes in the number of employees. Our editors compared the data they obtained with the previous list published in January 2023. Back then, the list also included 20 companies. 

It should be noted that NIX Solutions refused to provide data for the AIN.Capital research this time. Astound Commerce and Grid Dynamics also did not give any figures. For comparison purposes, we used the data from both their LinkedIn pages and their websites.

In general, the study showed that the trend of reducing team sizes in Ukraine continued at the end of the first half of 2023. 

largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine  -3

Companies are continuing to scale up but mostly not in Ukraine anymore. The reason is partly because of the move of Ukrainian specialists outside the country and partly due to the focus on business development abroad.

Although the top three remain unchanged, the study shows that the full-scale war that Russia has been waging against Ukraine for the last one and a half years is continuing to affect the IT industry. Also, more conservative investment by clients in new projects amid the threat of a global economic recession is affecting the number of job openings.

largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine -2

Despite the overall decline in the trend of expanding Ukrainian teams, the top 20 companies have not stopped hiring new specialists. At the time of writing, GlobalLogic Ukraine had the most openings — 163. All companies are mainly looking for engineers. SoftServe in Ukraine has 122 job openings, which the company plans to fill from its internal reserve. Among the most popular areas are .NET, Business Analyst, Java, WebUI.

largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine  -1

In general, as of the first half of 2023, the rankings participants observe the “optimization” of personnel by customers. At the same time, as you can see from the chart, a significant drop in the number of employees is being avoided. The surveyed companies explain that this is due to the diversification of client portfolios.