Ukrainian app Drill enters the US market. It helps with shooting practice

The Ukrainian application Drill, a so-called personal shooting trainer in a smartphone, has been launched in the US market. The team working on the application informed AIN.Capital about the news.

  • Drill is a militech app created by Ukrainians, aiming to teach everyone who wants to shoot different types of weapons and develop the skills at a high level. It is available in the App Store and Google Play and is free for Ukrainians.
  • In April 2023, the application was launched in Poland. In May the startup launched in the USA by opening its own company there and is preparing for the release of the app.

“We are registered in the state of Delaware, now we are engaged in incorporation and issue of shares. The next step is to find investments and open a bank account, which is quite difficult, because opening an account requires the personal presence of the final beneficiaries,”

the startup team says.
  • When asked by AIN.Capital whether it was difficult to launch in the USA legally, the team answered that the registration process itself was quite simple:

“Registering a company is not difficult at all, the USA is focused on the simplicity of doing business, there are a lot of companies that help with registration. It is more difficult to enter operational activities and provide financial reports. But there are many services from Ukrainians that help conduct such activities of close accounting and legal issues in America remotely,”

Drill commented.
  • Also, the startup said that they have not yet hired people in the US, and the company was registered mostly for the purpose of finding and structuring investments. At the same time, all operational activities and the entire head office of the startup are in Ukraine, from where the team conducts all affairs and manages the business.
  • Currently, the number of users of the application exceeds 40,000, and the average stay in it is 35 minutes per day.