Web3 startup with Finnish co-founder raises €1M

Berlin-based SPYCE.5 which offers blockchain and Web3 infrastructure and data has raised €1 million from Norwegian angel investor David Sønstebø. He also joined SPYCE.5’s leadership team.

  • SPYCE.5 is a provider of blockchain and Web3 infrastructure, data, and digital identity as a service for enterprises, builders, creators, and developers. This enables companies to build and maintain real-world products, applications, and use cases such as creating digital identities or exchanging real-time data securely between multiple parties.
  • The startup was co-founded by Kimmo Nurmisto, Holger KötherRegine Haschka-Helmer in 2022. It is also the first entity to be launched as a spin-off of the Norwegian IOTA Foundation. Its mission is to make decentralized, sustainable technologies accessible and easy to use for everyone. 
  • The lead investor in this round is David Sønstebø, a Norwegian entrepreneur and the co-founder of IOTA, a distributed ledger technology.

“SPYCE.5 is an exciting endeavor and key to fulfilling the vision for IOTA — building a new digital economy with real-world use cases and enterprise adoption. I’m excited to be onboard and give my full support for the company and growth of the ecosystem,”

 Sønstebø explains. 
  • The fresh investment will help the startup to expand its team, refine its services and offerings, and broaden its market reach.