Redge Technologies buys Vestigit, a Polish company owned by RKKVC

Redge Technologies, a Poland-based company dealing with the development of technologies for streaming, has acquired a majority stake in Vestigit. The company specializes in cryptography and illegal distribution tracing and was owned by the RKKVC fund, MamStartup reports.

  • Established in 2018 in Wroclaw, Vestigit is a cryptography company tracking and countering illegal content distribution. The company is a pioneer in the field of A/B content watermarking based on artificial intelligence technology. The solution can help regain and secure the intellectual property of Vestigit’s customers.

“The problem of unlawful content distribution faced by streaming services continues to grow. According to forecasts, platforms of this type may lose up to 113 billion dollars by 2027. The financial aspect demonstrates the high need to create effective solutions to combat illegal sharing of content, allowing to protect the revenues of creators and distributors. For this reason, we decided to implement the “Beyond DRM” strategy at Redge Technologies. The Vestigit solution fits perfectly into it,”

Przemysław Frasunek, CEO at Redge Technologies, comments the deal.
  • In early June 2023, Redge Technologies acquired additional shares from the RKKVC fund and from the founder of Vestigit, taking control of the company. The buyer is a leading provider of OTT technologies in the CEE and MENA regions, present on the market since 2007.
  • Although the amount of the deal is undisclosed, in July 2021 Redge Technolgoies made a €450,000 (2 million PLN) investment in Vestigit. Back then, the round was conducted with the former owner of the company, RKKVC .