Ericsson to invest €150M in R&D & manufacturing hub in Estonia

Sweden-headquartered Ericsson, the communication technology giant, has invested €150 million to make Estonia the next-generation smart R&D & manufacturing hub of its European operations.

  • The hub will be located in Ülemiste, and will become operational in early 2026. It aims to reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% compared to the collective emissions of the four existing facilities. This will support Ericsson’s goal to achieve Net Zero in its own operations by 2030. 
  • Ericsson’s hub will include highly sustainable and energy-efficient features, such as usage of low embodied carbon wooden glulam beams and a solar farm on the roof.

“This expansion aligns with Ericsson’s long-term strategy for a more resilient and sustainable supply chain, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and harnessing the power of 5G for smart manufacturing. By digitalizing our global production landscape, we strengthen the link between R&D and new product introduction, ensuring that every product we manufacture benefits our customers and minimizes environmental impact,”

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks of Ericsson, said.
  • The facility will span 50,000 square meters and house test labs, warehouses, production lines, and offices, serving as a collaborative space for co-developing new cellular ecosystems and production techniques. This will ensure product innovation extension and holistic approach to technology advancement.
  • Ericsson’s Estonian affiliate has already signed an agreement to acquire property for the smart hub. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2024, subject to agreed conditions.