ff Venture Capital invests in NeoKe during its €1.3M round

Amsterdam-based traveltech startup NeoKe has secured a €1.3 million financing round from Dreamcraft Ventures, GHARAGE, and Plug and Play. ff Venture Capital, a US and Poland-based fund, has also participated in the funding, EU-Startups reports.

  • Founded in 2022 by former executives of Booking.com Vikas Bhola and Sebastian Honores, NeoKe aims to revolutionize the travel industry by creating a platform that makes travel more seamless and connected. The startup recently launched with two core products: Neoke Wallet, a digital wallet, and NeoKe Connect.
  • The NeoKe Connect platform uses blockchain and cloud-based technologies to store and share users’ verified identification. This gives travellers full visibility and control over their data, streamlining processes like check-in, guest verification, access control, and data management for travel services.
  • The fresh funding will be used to further develop NeoKe’s technology. It will fuel go-to-market initiatives as the company pioneers innovations for digital identity in travel.
  • Dreamcraft Ventures, a VC fund based in Copenhagen, GHARAGE, a Hamburg-based team of investors, and Plug & Play, a team of digital marketing professionals, are the main investors in the startup.
  • ff Venture Capital is also one of the investors. It is a US and Poland-based international firm with a global portfolio of more than 90 companies and over $15 billion of enterprise value.

In June 2023, the firm launched ff Red & White, a new €60M fund to connect Central Europe with Japan and US.