Meet new TCF Capital fund. It will invest in European e-commerce, FMCG, and logistics

The founder of Czech unicorn Rohlik Tomáš Čupr has launched a new venture capital fund TCF Capital, MamStartup reports. The fund will reinvest funds generated by existing Čupra companies into startups from the Czech Republic, but also from other European countries.

  • TCF Capital will focus on profitable late-stage companies in the e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, and logistics sectors from the Czech Republic, as well as other Central and Western European countries.
  • According to the fund’s website, the total value of assets under management exceeds €720 million, with the Rohlik Group being the key asset. However, in the future, other investors will have the opportunity to become LPs.
TCF Capital
Image: Tomáš Čupr
  • Tomáš Čupr is a successful Czech entrepreneur, who is the founder of several companies like,,, founder at Slevomat and at Most notably, he is the founder of the Czech unicorn home delivery service of groceries company Rohlik. Now, he’s using the earned capital to reinvest it into other companies.
  • As of now, TCF Capital has already invested in companies such as Keboola, FlexDog, and Impact Hub.