Amazon sells books by war criminal Pavel Gubarev. We asked to remove them

Books by Russian war criminal Pavel Gubarev are sold on Amazon’s main and regional websites. It is about the book «Факел Новороссии» (Torch of New Russia) and its translations into English and German.

  • Gubarev is one of the most famous and odious leaders of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, he helped Russia to invade Ukrainian territories, was connected to Igor Strelkov/Ghirkin, and was responsible for recruiting people to the separatist armed forces.
  • His books can be found on Amazon US site as well as its UK version. It is interesting that on the US site there are many one-star reviews, such as “Russian propaganda”, “they only spoiled the paper”, and so on.
  • Gubarev is under sanctions from the US and British governments for his participation in Russian military aggression against Ukraine. He is also on the Ukrainian sanctions list.
  • The editorial team of AIN.Capital contacted the company’s press office, stressing that Gubarev is under sanctions and is a war criminal. We asked Amazon to remove his books from sale.