Helsinki, Vienna, and Prague are in top 25 places with good work-life balance

Work-life is crucial for maintaining professional success and personal happiness. In some cities, mainly in Europe, the companies offer their professionals an opportunity to maintain a work-life balance through good healthcare, ample vacation time, and such.

Visual Capitals created a graphic of 25 best places in the world with good work-life balance, using data from Forbes Advisory 2023.

work-life balance

Out of 25 cities in the graphic, 20 are situated in Europe, 4 are in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), and only one place is in Asia (UAE).

  • Helsinki, Finland is taking the second place in work-life balance, achieving a score of 65.1. The average employee work week in Nordic cities falls below 30 hours. And the proportion of remote jobs in Helsinki, Finland is over 50%.
  • Vienna, Austria is the eighth in the rating, with a 58.5 point score. Here, employees can enjoy an average of five weeks annual leave, as well as 13 public holidays. Unemployment rates are just 2.3%.
  • Prague, Czechia is in the middle of the ranking with the 14th place. The city’s score is 53.6, which accounts for 32.8 working hours a week and 20 annual leave days, excluding holidays.