Polish nanoprint company XTPL raises €8.2M as part of the Series V share offering

Wroclaw-based nanoprint solutions supplier XTPL has raised over €8.2 million (PLN 36.5 million) during its Series V share offering. As the result of the round, all 275,000 ordinary bearer shares offered were acquired for the issue price of €29.86 (PLN 133.00), MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2015 by Filip Granek, XTPL develops innovative printing-head and dedicated nanoinks that enable ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. The solution is used in a wide printed electronics sector, providing low-cost, simple, additive manufacturing method for high-tech devices.
  • XTPL’s offer covered 275,000 series V ordinary bearer shares issued by the company in a private subscription. This, after the successful book-building process and the share sell-off, will represent 11.9% of the company’s total shares.

“The funds obtained from the offer will constitute a significant part of the investments planned for 2023-2026, for which we intend to allocate about PLN 60 million [about €13.5 million]. Preparing for the implementation of our technology on an industrial scale, we intend primarily to increase production capacity and strengthen sales activities in USA, Taiwan, South Korea,”

Jacek Olszański, Member of the Management Board for Finance at XTPL, comments.
  • Thanks to the fresh funds, XTPL intends to invest approximately PLN 60 million (€13.5 million) in three key areas: sales, production, and R&D. The company also wants to strengthen sales activities in USA, Taiwan, and South Korea.