Up to 9.15 candidates per job and 10% decline in salaries — Ukrainian tech job market report

As of the beginning of July, there are 87,600 candidates who compete for 9,600 tech jobs online on the Djinni platform. And the competition across all categories increased to 9,15 candidates per job. Djinni, Ukraine’s biggest tech jobs marketplace, prepared the July 2023 edition of its quarterly market report. AIN.Capital shares key points.

  • This year’s 9,15 competition is 8% higher than the previous quarter and 150% higher compared to July 2022.
Djinni report
  • The market is toughest for QA specialists, as their competition has increased even further from 30 candidates per job to 36 since April 2023. Among senior positions, the HR and Creative categories are the most competitive.
  • Furthermore, average salaries for middle-senior level tech candidates have declined by 10% (by $200-500), except for DevOps specialists, who saw a slight increase.
  • Despite the market downturn, hiring remains stable. During the second quarter of 2023, approximately 3,000 hires were reported, which is only 6% lower than in 2022.
Djinni report
  • JavaScript continues to be the largest category in terms of tech hires. However, hiring in programming categories has in general decreased, in the exception of Python. While non-tech categories such as Design, Sales, Support, and Lead Generation show positive trends.
  • Competition among inexperienced candidates for jobs has decreased by 20%, from 45 candidates per job to 35, which is also due to rise of non-tech jobs.
  • For the first time since 2019, Marketing surpasses JavaScript as the dominant category in jobs, with 2,783 new job openings for marketers. This shows the companies’ shift of focus towards non-technical candidates, particularly those who can contribute to acquiring more clients.