Ukrainian streamer Leb1ga reached #1 on Twitch and collected over €200k for the army

On July 16, 2023, Ukrainian blogger Mykhailo Lebiha (Leb1ga) held a Twitch fundraiser to buy Sych drones (“Сич”) to help the Ukrainian army. In just a few hours, Leb1ga’s stream managed to collect over €200,000 (UAH 8 million).

  • The stream lasted for almost 8 hours. Initially, the goal was to collect about €64,000 (UAH 2,658,000) to buys just one drone, but according to the results of the fundraiser, the amount exceeded the goal three times. Only in the first hour he managed to raise more than €72,000 (UAH 3 million).
  • According to the blogger, after an hour of streaming, the stream reached #1 on Twitch in the world. During the stream, Leb1ga and his followers joked that the next fundraiser would be to buy F-16s or the “the atom bomb”.
  • Significantly, the Ukrainian-language stream became number one not only in Ukraine, but globally on the entire platform.

“It’s four in the morning and our fundraiser is closed. There are 6,000 people here at four in the morning on a Monday. For me, this is one of the best days of my life. You are the best people I have ever seen. This fundraiser is an example for those people who do not utilize their resources, do not do what they are able to do,”

the blogger said.
  • Mykhailo Lebiha is a popular Ukrainian blogger and Tiktoker. He often moderates Dota 2 games or comments on reality shows. He has 134,000 followers on Twitch.