Polish startup Codejet raises €250k and gains 1,8k users in a month

Poland-based web design platform Codejet has raised about €250,000 (PLN 1.1 million) in a funding round led by the Terra Seed fund. With the funds, the company focused on developing and testing its tools, primarily for international users, AIN.Capital learned from the press release.

  • Codejet was founded in 2022 by Daniel Niedzielak, Patryk Pijanowski, and Sebastian Kurzynowski. The company revolutionizes front-end development by saving approximately 60% of developers’ time in creating web and mobile applications.
Codejet raises €250k
Image: Codejet Founders

Traditionally, creating an application interface involves CGI designers designing the interface using tools like Figma, and then programmers manually translating those visualizations into code. Codejet offers a game-changing solution by automating this process, eliminating the need for manual code creation and verification. This not only accelerates development but also enhances accuracy and efficiency. With Codejet, developers can focus on higher-value tasks while enjoying significant time and resource savings,”

Patryk Pijanowski, CEO of Codejet, comments.
  • In just one month, Codejet produced over six million lines of code for its users’ projects and gained 1,800 users worldwide. The company’s investor Terra Seed, a prominent Polish fund, noticed the potential at the end of 2022, which was followed by the €250,000 investment.

The global market for low-code platforms reached a value of $22.5 billion in 2022, with a projected cumulative annual growth rate of over 26% in the coming years. This indicates that the market is poised to surpass $148 billion by 2030. As investors, we recognize the immense potential in Codejet, an ambitious startup poised for rapid growth and the opportunity to become a key player in this market. Our investment in Codejet aligns with our vision of supporting innovative ventures with promising potential,”

Paweł Szydłowski, Managing Partner Terra Seed, comments.
  • Thanks to the raised capital, Codejet team is continuously looking ahead. Currently, the company is focused on securing another round of financing to expand their operations and brand recognition in foreign markets. It also plans to introduce the upcoming Codejet Copilot technology to customers.