Edible Brands to pay off fired Ukrainians, but only if they will delete their complaints

Back in November 2022, the Edible Arrangements (Edible Brands) company fired more than 50 employees of its Ukrainian team without any warning. In May 2023, it was noted that the company had not paid off with its former employees.

According to DOU, with reference to one of the ex employees, Edible Brands decided to pay off its employees, but only on the condition that they delete their posts with complaints on social media.

  • On November 17, 2022, the Edible Brands company abruptly terminated cooperation with more than 50 Ukrainian specialists.
  • After a pause, the company’s CEO Tariq Farid promised to pay 100% compensation in exchange for corporate equipment. In response, Ukrainian Edible Brands team members sent equipment at their own expense from different parts of Ukraine and abroad. However, the employees didn’t receive any money.
  • In May 2023, the former employees got tired of receiving repeated rejections from the company, and brought the situation to the public by writing about the unpleasant situation with the employer.
  • Now, two months after the six-month delay, one of Edible Brands’ former employees has revealed that social media complaints resulted in a payoff, albeit not a complete one.

“I know that everyone received money for the last 1.5 months of work, but did not get the payments for holidays and dismissals. All this was done only on the condition not to mention the company or members of the owners’ family anywhere, as well as to remove all mentions in social media,”

an ex employee said on condition of anonymity.