Ukrainian startup Adsme receives pre-seed funding

A group of Ukrainian investors has made a pre-seed funding round for Ukrainian startup Adsme, which specializes in predicting the success of advertising in Meta Ads using its own AI technology, according to AIN.UA.

  • The amount of the round was not disclosed, but it is expected to allow the startup to expand its operations and grow to $100 million in revenue per year over the next five years. The startup didn’t report its current indicators.
  • The angel investors are unknown.
  • Adsme works on predicting the success of advertising campaigns in Meta Ads with the help of AI of its own development. These forecasts should help businesses use their advertising budgets more effectively.
  • The fresh funding will be used to hire new employees: developers and machine learning experts. The team also plans to invest in research and development of its own artificial intelligence technology for big data analysis to collect more accurate data for SME clients and advertising agencies.

“We are glad to receive the support for our mission from investors. Our goal is to help businesses around the world effectively use advertising budgets and get maximum profit,”

Danylo Orlov, co-founder of Adsme, commented on the deal.