launches Nasnaga, a healthcare service startup

Ukrainian medicine delivery service is launching its new project, Nasnaga. The service is available to users from Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland, and other EU countries in Ukrainian and English. AIN.Capital explains the inner workings of the service, which is already available for testing.

  • Nasnaga

What is Nasnaga?

  • Nasnaga organizes personalized and regular check-ups and connects users with health coaches, as well as other health and sports professionals.
  • The co-founders of the project are: co-founder Anton Avrynskyi, Lab24 and TerraLab co-founder Volodymyr Nerubenko, and entrepreneur Ivan Liashenko (Genesis, McKinsey).

“Our goal is to help people live longer and feel better. Many of my friends want to do regular check-ups, but they don’t do it, because they don’t understand which tests and with what frequency should they take, as well as how to interpret the results. Timely detection of deviations allows to consult a doctor in time and reduce risks,” says Anton.

“We are used to doctors treating the sick, and this is their main task. However, it is much easier and cheaper to stay healthy than be treated. In addition, a healthy lifestyle also increases productivity and allows you to live life to the fullest. That is why we created Nasnaga,” says Volodymyr.

“We perform two main tasks. The first is “measurement”, that is, systematic monitoring of the state of the body through a personalized set of laboratory tests. This helps to objectively assess the state of the body, monitor changes, and respond to risks in a timely manner. The second task is “tuning”, that is, improving the level of energy, well-being, and physical form through work with a health coach, nutritionist, and/or sports trainer,” explains Ivan.

  • As a reminder, is a Ukrainian service for finding medicaments in pharmacies, comparing prices, ordering, and delivery. already has more than 1.7 million customers in Ukraine, Romania, and Italy, and the sites and applications of the service are visited by more than 100,000 users daily.

How does Nasnaga work?

  • Nasnaga operates based on six-month cycles. Each cycle consists of three main blocks: Diagnostics, Recovery, Transformation. At each stage, the client is accompanied by a health coach (specialist in preventive medicine and longevity).
    • The Diagnostics block includes a personalized laboratory check-up and the conclusion of a doctor of laboratory medicine. According to the results of the diagnosis, the health coach prepares and presents to the client a personal health plan for the next six months.
    • The Recovery block consists of restoring deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins, micro- and macro-elements by adjusting the diet and a personalized set of supplements. If the client does not have pronounced deficiencies, at this stage we restore the nutritional balance and offer a seasonal intake of vitamins selected based on the results of the tests.
    • The Transformation block includes working out the recommendations from the personal health plan regarding habits and lifestyle, as well as working out additional individual requests of the client. For example: support for preparation for sports competitions, body correction (weight loss, bodybuilding), adjustment of the sleep regime, etc.
  • After the six-month cycle, a new cycle begins, which includes the same blocks, but these blocks already have new content, corresponding to the dynamics of the indicators in the analyzes and the state of the body, goals and circumstances of the person.

“Personally, it was a major insight that certain psycho-emotional conditions, such as apathy, variability of motivation, lack of morning energy, difficulty falling asleep at night, instability of mood, and other “unexplained subtle things”, are often associated with a deficiency of certain nutrients, or circadian rhythm disorders, or hormone imbalance caused by certain habits. That is, these systems are understandable to a certain extent, they can be measured and can be influenced and, accordingly, adjusted,”

says Ivan.

100 Beta users

According to the startup, the team has already received positive feedback from the first users. The service is currently in beta testing, but more than 100 users have already tried it. Among them are individual users and companies that connect employees to the service. Sometimes companies offer the Nasnaga service to employees on a co-payment model.

The most frequent goals selected by clients:

  • increase in the level of energy, cheerfulness, productivity, focus at work;
  • monitoring and improving the state of the body before planning a pregnancy (in addition to working with a specialist doctor);
  • strengthening of the body during the period of seasonal diseases;
  • correction of excess weight;
  • support in sports (bodybuilding, triathlon, marathon, swimming);
  • system monitoring of the body state for oneself and loved ones.

There is currently no information on the cost of the service. However, it is known that the price will depend on the selected package and will start at $49 per month. Nasnaga is currently in the process of strengthening operational processes and preparation for scaling. The team invites interested companies and users to beta test the service under special conditions. To do this, you need to leave an application on their website,

According to Forbes, $100,000 was invested inti the launch of the project.