Ukrainian-founded real estate company Rentberry raises $15M

Rentberry, Silicon Valley-based company with the office in Kyiv, which operates on the real estate market, raised over $15 million from more than 9,000 investors in 2022. Its next goal is $30 million with an estimate of $100 million, the company’s co-founder Oleksiy Lubinsky informed AIN.Capital.

  • Founded by Ukrainians Oleksiy Lubinsky, Liliya Ostapchuk, Oleksandr Kotovskov, and Denys Golubovsky, Rentberry is a real estate startup that initially was launched on the US market, but later the service was also scaled to Europe and Asia. Its platform for long-term housing rental brings all processes – viewing the apartment, signing contracts and monthly payments. Via the platform client can offer its price for an apartment on the site, literally turning the rental process into an auction.
  • Currently, Rentberry operates in more than 100 countries and has 3 million monthly active users. In addition, the company has more than 60 partners in the real estate market. The product development team is based in Kyiv and consists of 30 people.
  • In 2020, the company received $2.5 million in WeFunder investment from more than 2,000 private investors, as part of the company’s third investment round. In total, Rentberry then raised $4.5 million. The rest of the funds were provided by the Angel Investors Marlborough fund, McKinsey & Company partner Srikanth Inampudi, and Invesque CEO Scott White.

“We used our know-how to raise capital through the investor contacts we have. We also helped a number of Ukrainian companies to raise capital, such as Sirocco Energy, SolarGaps, and many others. Therefore, if any of the startups is reading this text and is interested in raising more than $1 million, you can contact me directly,”

Oleksiy Lubinsky commented.
  • The fresh funding was raised through crowdfunding on platforms such as StartEngine, WeFunder, and Republic. In the end of 2023, the company aims to conduct another crowdfunding round on the amount of $30, valued at $100 million.