Lithuanian deeptech Genomika secures €5M to store data in DNA

Kaunas-based deeptech startup Genomika has secured €5 million of investment capital from the EU, Switzerland, and the UK. The startup is pioneering data storage in DNA molecules, bringing revolutionary changes to genetics.

  • Genomika Lietuva is a deeptech company serving biomedical science through an innovative, smart, and carefully optimised solutions. The startup develops DNA storage solutions that enable high-density capability of storing large amounts of information in an extremely small space.
  • Such DNA solutions can be significantly more compact that traditional information media, as well as more stable and reliable for long-term information storage. Genomika first garnered attention when its team demonstrated the possibilities of new technologies two years ago: the young researchers wrote the Lithuanian national anthem into DNA.
  • In order to develop and implement the solution, the company received €5 million in funding from the EU, through the European Innovation Council, as well as from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • The fresh capital will aid Genomika in expanding its laboratory premises, purchasing advanced equipment, and attracting talented specialists. In three years, the company plans to present the first DNA-based hard disk.