Bosnian fitness tech Rolla raises €6.3M in a seed round

Rolla, a health and fitness tech startup, has closed a €6.3 million seed round, one of the largest in the CEE region and the largest across any industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The round was led by Mate Rimac and Hellen’s Rock.

  • Rolla is a company aiming to build a gamified fitness platform that eliminates barriers to healthy lifestyle. The system combines two intertwined layers of progression: Levels (long-term) and Effort (daily), encouraging users by giving them short term rewards, while also helping them make long term progress.
  • The company was founded by Igor Krezic, who founded another five companies that collectively generated over 400 jobs and more than €30 million in annual revenue.

“The two factors that led me to be part of Rolla were Igor Krezić and the importance of health in modern society. I have witnessed which entrepreneurial miracles Igor has created in the past, which are even more impressive considering where and under which circumstances they were built. At the same time, I strongly believe that a data-driven, healthy lifestyle will become ever more important for people around the world. I also see a lack of a proper comprehensive solution for assisting people to live such a healthy lifestyle. I am sure that Igor and his team are on the path of delivering just that,”

Mate Rimac comments.
  • Mate Rimac, a renowned inventor and entrepreneur, is one of Rolla’s main investors. Apart from making investments, he founded Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes and is currently the CEO of the Rimac Group, Rimac Technology, and Bugatti Rimac.
  • Hellen’s Rock is the other investor in this round. The firm backs unconventional founders and teams making significant strides in health and wellbeing, finance, education, and entertainment. It is a single family office founded by Sasha Dragic, a seasoned entrepreneur from the CEE region.
  • The funding will help Rolla to further develop its platform. The company already released beta versions of its Rolla One and Rolla World apps for early adopters earlier this year, and plans the full launch in Q1 of 2024.