Peoplelogic acquires, a Ukrainian HRtech startup

US-based organizational success platform Peoplelogic has acquired, a people and performance management platform founded by Ukrainian entrepreneurs with a team working in Ukraine. The strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in reshaping the landscape of workplace technology.

  • Founded by Andrii Bas, Sasha Chepurnoi, and Oleh Kryvytskyi, develops a people and performance management tool. It is designed to empower HRs and managers to drive employee growth and achieve business results efficiently and in a healthy manner.

“Joining forces with Peoplelogic is a game-changer for us and the industry as a whole. With the combined expertise and resources, we can create an unparalleled solution that helps companies accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of their teams. Together, we will revolutionize how organizations approach people management in the future of work,”

Andrii Bas, founder of, commented the acquisition.
  • By seamlessly integrating with Peoplelogic’s organizational success platform, will enable businesses to align their teams, set strategic goals, track performance, provide continuous feedback, measure, and analyze critical data — all within a unified ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to welcome into the Peoplelogic vision. This strategic acquisition allows us to combine our expertise and provide companies with a comprehensive solution that accelerates growth and drives success in the future of work. Together, we are taking a big step towards our ultimate goal of quantifying the impact of the investments that companies in the digital age make in their people, processes, and technology,”

Matthew Schmidt, founder of Peoplelogic, said.
  • Both Peoplelogic and called the deal a strategic acquisition, however they did not disclose the exact amount of the deal.